It was during the decade of the eighties that the concept of Raabta Foundation was envisaged. During the nineties, it attempted some significant activities gradually leading to it being noticed by the local populace. The advent of twenty-first century saw it gaining momentum with several associates getting linked with its societal awakening programs. The year 2006 can be termed as the formal year of its establishment with the noble objectives, mission and vision as explained above.


Empowerment of oneself by

  • Identifying hidden - innate talents and then fine-tuning them,
  • Identifying hidden - intrinsic flaws and disables them from any harm.
  • by attempting rigorous Self and Assisted Introspection


Transforming oneself and thereof 

  • The Indian society in particular and Global Society in general
  • Promote national integration and international brotherhood
  • Make life ethical, enjoyable, social and an asset to humanity  
  • Focus Areas

    Underprivileged and deprived class

  • Empowerment of women and senior citizens
  • Emancipation and career guidance of destitute children and those having a criminal past
  • Promotion of adult and continued education